Turki Aloufi

I'm a full-stack software engineer & a junior at Indiana University Bloomington studying computer science Indiana University Logo

Currently working on a couple of projects and trying to become more knowledgeable on distributed systems, networking, and full stack development

Work Experience


Software Engineering Intern


Xtern Fellow

Quadrangles Robotics2018-2019

Software Engineer



Teacher Assistant


B.S. Computer ScienceJan 2021 - May 2024

Minor in Business Management

Member of the IU CS Club


Sections (Twitter Hackathon)

A website that allows you to easily embed dynamic pre-made components into any site

Career Growth (Signed)

Career growth social platform made with Next.js, Redis, Socket.io, Node.js, React.js, TailwindCSS, Typescript, and MongoDB

Prisma & GraphQL Generator

Type-safe Prisma & GraphQL Generator for the Node.js Ecosystem inspired by Elixir's Phoenix Framework and Ruby on Rails

Kafka-clients with Java

Developed a Java app that incorporates Kafka clients to produce and consume messages

Chip-8 Emulator

Developed a Chip-8 Emulator in rust that can be run via the command line

wc Linux command in C

Count metrics from a file such as word count, character count, list unique words w/ number of appearances, and print indexes in textfile where the words appeared